Shake Up School Lunch with Brunch!

In honor of National School Breakfast Week, Chef Carrie Beegle and her “A-Team” – head Cloverleaf chefs Tammy Cooper and Joyce Meyer – wowed us with simple, commodity-based recipes that bring breakfast to lunch.

Carrie and Team

Chef Tammy Cooper, Chef Carrie Beegle and Chef Joyce Meyer

Three Breakfast Inspired Recipes

Chef Carrie demonstrated three unique, restaurant quality “breakfast for lunch” ideas: blender-less smoothies, breakfast nachos and a Southwest omelet with O’Brien skillet potatoes. In addition to the recipes, she shared tips on how to present restaurant quality food in the cafeteria. “You don’t have to be a master chef to make something look pretty,” she said. Meals that look good catch the eye of kids and encourage selection!

Blender-less Smoothies: No blender? No problem! Chef Carrie demonstrated two simple ways to offer smoothies without the hassle of expensive equipment.

Smoothie Photo

“Hippity Hop” smoothie

First up, the “Hippity Hop!” Using a Burr mixer, she combined low-fat strawberry yogurt, chilled orange juice and cooked carrots to create 30 to 40 servings in under 10 minutes! This creamy, orange smoothie had a surprisingly sweet taste that kids will love. Next, the “Orange Julius” smoothie was even simpler and just as delicious! Chef Carrie whisked together low-fat vanilla yogurt, chilled orange juice and unsweetened applesauce for a creamy concoction that would give the popular franchise a run for their money!

Presentation Tip – Chef Carrie plans on combining the “Hippity Hop” with bunny graham crackers to create a complete breakfast and a special holiday treat!

For more information regarding blender-less smoothie techniques and recipes, check out the Made for Participation Smoothie Guide offered by General Mills Foodservice.

Breakfast Nachos: We all know kids love nachos – here’s another spin on them! It’s a simple construction of tortilla chips and breakfast staples, topped with Queso and fresh pico de gallo. Chef Carrie mixed cooked sausage and scrambled eggs together to create a “confetti-like” look, while layering the rest of the ingredients.

Exhibition NachosPresentation Tip – Chef Joyce Meyer roasted a medley of spiced kidney and black beans to add a little texture and crunch!


Southwest Omelet & O’Brien Skillet Potatoes: This cheese omelet topped with chili was absolutely delicious! Chef Tammy showed us how simple it was to prepare, while Chef Joyce sautéed a blend of potatoes, red and green peppers along with diced sweet onion to round out the dish.

Exhibition OmeletPresentation Tip – To add a little flair, garnish the entrée with a few scallions and a dab of Greek yogurt! The chefs at Cloverleaf recommend using a Greek yogurt-filled squirt bottle for ease.



Click HERE to download Chef Carrie Beegle’s “breakfast for lunch” recipes.

Carrie Beegle is the food service director for Cloverleaf and Mapleton Local school districts. She has 18 years’ experience in school food service with another 8 years as a chef. She has a passion for utilizing government commodity foods in unique ways. As a consultant chef for the “Healthy Cuisine for Kids” series, sponsored by ODE Team Nutrition, Carrie has been able to help many schools move towards developing healthier menu options.

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