Show Us Your Apples!

Show us your apples… your oranges… and your bananas! It’s time to put fruit into the spotlight through creative display and placement.

November Basket Challenge

During the month of November we will be running a basket challenge! Put your best fruit basket to the test and win an 18 x 24, full color professionally designed Taste Test poster. We’ll also include 500 “Official Taste Tester” stickers!

Here are a few Smarter Lunchroom techniques to consider when creating your eye-catching, student-grabbing fruit basket:

  1. Spice up the container. Toss out the drab metal bins and use a woven basket or a tiered dessert tray to display fruit. Baskets come in a variety of sizes – find one that meets your space.
  2. Keep the fruit items whole. Whole fruits are easier for students to grab on the go.
  3. Use color and contrast to make the fruit pop. Place at least two fruits of different colors in a basket of a contrasting color. Try oranges with raisins, bananas with pears, or green and red apples.
  4. Use colorful packaging or stickers. Edible peel fruits (apples, oranges) can be wrapped in cellophane or sliced in baggies.
  5. Maximize accessibility to fruit. Use baskets or tiered trays with heightened levels for easier student access to fruit items. Tiered levels also provide dimension, which increases appeal.
  6. Use a small sign to encourage selection – use adjectives like local, seasonal, and fresh to describe the fruit. Encourage students to grab a fruit item for later by prompting them with the idea of “a great afternoon snack!”

Once you’ve created your basket, place it in a high traffic area. A great place for a fruit basket is right by the register. Make the fruit basket the last thing a student will see before they leave the lunch line!

Award Winning BasketLaura - Basket2

Here is a great example of an award winning fruit basket. Laura Hayes, of Marysville High School, utilizes a tiered stand to display whole fruit options by the register. The variety of whole fruits combined with the dark colored, metal stand really makes the colors of the fruit pop. The three tiers allow for easier access to the fruit items offered, as well as dimension for appeal. Way to go Laura!

How You Can Enter a Basket

Take a picture with your basket and send it to

ALL entries will receive 200 of our “Official Taste Tester” stickers. The winner of the Basket Challenge will be announced during the last week of November.


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