Be Inspired!

Summer is here! With additional free time, take the opportunity to recharge and generate new ideas for the upcoming school year. Inspiration is all around us – in the garden, at the grocery store, or in an unexpected place.  Step out into the community and grab some inspiration. Here are two of our favorite pieces of inspiration –

Color and Contrast

Veggie DisplayDoesn’t this colorful display draw you in? Take a minute and identify three features that capture your attention. One, two, three.

The display includes three bright colors: orange, green and purple. The white and dark green vegetables also provide eye-catching contrast. Placing the vegetables in different positions creates depth and texture. Shapes – did you notice the square of carrots and the circles of parsnips? Use the natural beauty of fruits and vegetables to create product areas that grab the interest of hungry shoppers.

Prime with Signs

Mushroom Signage (2)Good signage is easy-to-read, includes a creative name, and uses color to attract attention to key phrases. All three elements are at work in the “Marvelous Mushroom” sign! Marvelous is a descriptive adjective that immediately attracts attention and enhances taste expectations. Who wouldn’t want to try a marvelous mushroom? The blue and white text against the black background also makes the name pop. Lastly, signage is the centerpiece, but displaying a wide variety of mushrooms in baskets around the sign works to encourage selection. All-round, a great display!

Now it is your turn. Be the inspiration – share your ideas with us! Take some time to step out into your community and show us your inspiration. Send us photos, so we can share your story with other readers!

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