How Does Your Cafeteria Score?

Why do we need to complete environmental checklists? Think about your daily work routine. You encounter the same co-workers, tend to the same tasks and know your work place environment like the back of your hand. With familiarity, though, we may not notice smaller details. The environmental checklist allows you to see your workplace through a different lens.

CodersThe Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard is a simple way to identify opportunities for improvement. This easy-to-complete scorecard focuses on six key cafeteria service areas:

  • Focusing on fruit
  • Promoting vegetables and salad
  • Moving more white milk
  • Entrée of the day
  • Increasing sales and reimbursable meals
  • Creating school synergies

Check the items that are already in place. Once the scorecard is complete, take time to review the unchecked items. The unchecked items can become areas to address in your cafeteria update!

Using Photos

While you’re filling out your Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard, grab a camera and take some shots! Photos can also help you see your cafeteria through a different lens.  Make sure to capture all aspects of the cafeteria, including the service areas. These photos will be helpful later in documenting change. Follow these simple tips for great photos:

  1. Make sure the item/area is well lit
  2. Play with different angles
  3. Take multiple shots of the same subject
  4. Move in close to catch details
  5. Click a wide view to show set-up and flow

Involve Others

The scorecard can be a useful tool for getting others involved in your project. Ask teachers, parents and wellness committee members to fill out a scorecard too. It doesn’t hurt to have a fresh set of eyes to help your team achieve success! After reviewing the scorecards, you and your team will likely have plenty of great ideas!

Set a Goal

Before painting walls, buying baskets and moving milk cartons, take a brief moment and decide what you would like to accomplish with your cafeteria update. What behavior changes would you like to see through your project? This is your project goal. By setting goals and sharing progress updates, others will be able to follow your success story. Check back on our next blog to learn more about goal setting!

Click on the link below to access your Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard!

Smarter Lunchrooms Self-Assessment

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